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Postby clark1965 » Wed Feb 22, 2012 5:14 am

The thrill of flight is one that has fascinated man since the dawn of time. Some of you may have dreamed about becoming a pilot when you were a child and perhaps some of you went on to enroll in a flight or aviation school and fulfilled that dream. For others, circumstances in your life may have taken you in a different direction and the dream was placed on the metaphorical shelf. But that doesnt mean you cannot live and feel the excitement and thrill of flying. Enter the world of RC airplanes and helicopters! Granted, being able to fly an RC airplane or helicopter does not mean you are ready to fly a REAL airplane or helicopter. However, it CAN be just as much fun!

Now you might be asking yourself, what in the world do RC airplanes and helicopters have in common with REAL airplanes and helicopters? The answer: Flight Simulators! Airplane and helicopter simulators are computer programs which are designed to simulate real life flying as closely as possible. Advances in both software technology and computer processing power have now created numerous flight simulators with features enabling you to choose your aircraft, landscape, and wind conditions. Now this doesnt meant that you have to go out and drop big money on the most powerful, most expensive computer out there but a fast computer, a good video card and a large monitor will go a long way to giving you the ultimate digital flying experience. Many simulators allow you to update and import different aircraft models as well as customizing and creating your own flight scenery and recording your individual flights. Tutorials and skill tests are also included as part the software packages. When shopping for an RC flight simulator choose one that will be realistic to actual flying, have the same model as the one you own or one very similar to it, and allows you to use a regular radio transmitter. Many people will use their flight simulator to evaluate others models of airplanes and helicopters before they buy them.

Training yourself with RC flight simulators is a more practical and less costly approach to learning to fly airplanes and helicopters. In the world of RC airplanes and helicopters, CRASHES WILL HAPPEN. Crashes can be costly, time consuming, and discouraging. Whether youre a beginner whos learning to fly, or an expert who wants to try out a new move, a good flight simulator can save you money. If your simulator prevents even one crash it has already paid for itself, as the cost of replacing the aircraft can be well more than the cost of the flight simulator. Don't risk hurting your aircraft by learning to fly it on your PC first. RC airplane flight simulators feature either airplane models only, or both airplanes and helicopters. Simulators can save you money in other ways as well. With a simulator there is no fuel to buy, batteries to charge, or fields to drive to. Bad weather outside? No problem! With a flight simulator you can stay indoors and still work on your flying skills.

Flight simulators are typically used as a learning tool to practice flying RC aircraft but they can also simply be a fun and relaxing program to play with on your computer. So before you go out there and buy RC aircraft and spend a ton of money replacing it time and time again due to multiple crashes, study up and train yourself in the principles of flight. This preparation can lead to a long and enjoyable experience in flying planes. Flight simulators let everyone enjoy RC helicopters and planes without crashing them first!

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