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The Best Remote Control Airplanes

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Flying is one of man's greatest achievements to date. Men and women enjoy the exhilarating experience of flight. This is what started the building of aircrafts like planes, helicopters and hot-air balloons. There is another passion that was sparked by flying, remote control aircrafts. At first, this hobby was considered a rich person's toy but with the advent of advanced technological breakthroughs, efficient and lighter motors and battery packs; cheaper but more effective radio systems have made RC aircraft flying more affordable. The best remote control airplanes for beginners are park flyers and trainers. These are ready-to-fly crafts that are made with beginners in mind for its low speed and simple construction allowing field repairs even after major crash damage.

Park flyers are the best for beginners because of their small size, slow and compliant enough to be flown on a contained space such as parks, gyms and even in the living room. Also a favorite among experienced pilots for its advanced radio technology and materials that brings forth high performance with full aerobatic capabilities such as high g-force maneuvers and nose up hovering that can only be seen before with bigger scales. Park flyers are susceptible to wind and turbulence because of their low speed capacity. Some can't fly in more than a light breeze. Wind speed shouldn't be more than 50% of the flying speed.

Two good models of park flyers recommended as the best remote controlled airplanes for beginners are The Champ and Ember2. These are both durable and easy to fly at slow speed. These are great to practice flying in small spaces such as bedroom, living room and gym. These can also be flown outdoors on calm fine weathers, from backyards and parks. A word of caution on flying at open spaces such as parks, keep away from people and dogs to avoid injuries from accidental lost of control of the plane. Flight simulation games are available for beginners who wish to practice flying without damaging an aircraft. These simulators are also good in determining skill levels before investing on an actual airplane. RC plane flying is a serious hobby with investment on time and money. Simulation games will hone the flying instincts beforehand.

T-28 Trojan and P-51D Mustang are the best remote control airplanes for intermediate flyers but with practice on simulators, a beginner can also start maneuvering these aircrafts. T-28 is good on slow touch and go's and throw backs. It has the capability of performing sports aerobatics with good scale lines and US Navy design. The best feature is its small enough to be flown on the backyard. The Mustang has the look of the WWII airplane with slow flying capabilities on small spaces such as the living room or backyard.

The best remote control airplanes for beginners are those with slow speed but with maneuvering capabilities that will challenge the pilot to go for the extra mile in flight. Simulation games are helpful in conquering the leaps and bounds of flying without damaging any aircraft. Remember, RC planes are not just toys but objects of leisure and pleasure for those who wish to experience the exhilaration of flying.

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