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Walkera Mini 3D helicopter Genius CP with 6-axis gyro WK

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The new walkera models really change the opinion that I had about this Brand.
I already bought the genius CP with a Devo 7 and it works great, exceeded my expectative.
Is a very reliable model, made of very strong materials. The only con that I had found is that if you broke the landing skid you have to change the whole frame because is just one piece.
If you have the chance to buy it brushless go for it, is a complete different model !
The devo 7 is fine, is a little confuse to program but with patience you can make it work as you want.
Unfortunately walkera does give poor information on their manuals but you can find this lack of info on the web searching in different forums.
Bottom line: genius cp + devo 7 is the best combo if you have a tight budget
Date Added: 10/04/2012 by walter pecorari