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Walkera Mini CP Flybarless 3-Axis-Gyro Mini 3D RC Helicopter

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if you already have some experience with rc helicopters, then i will say you can now go with the mini cp, it's a bit more durable and easier to maintain as it has detachable landing skid. The transmitter goes with it can also be used with other helicopters even if much bigger and complicated ones. The devo 6s is a nice radio that comes in a smaller size. I myself paid a little bit more and got the devo 8s. There is also the option of the devo 7 without color screen has most of the functions of the 8s just a simpler interface. I used devo 7 for my genius cp coz it was a cheaper radio but i will not use it for a bigger chopper.
Date Added: 09/15/2012 by ted fin