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Lotus T700 Multi Flyer RC Aircraft Quadcopter





Lotus T700 Multi Flyer RC Aircraft Quadcopter

Lotus T700 quadcopter 1

Lotus T700 Review:

Lotus T700, new Hexacopter from Lotus company,  special Lotus Quadcopter for the professional aerial photograph and video usage. Pls keep watching, we will update the information in time...

Lotus T700 quadcopter 2

Lotus T700 Introduction:

  • Safe: Flight control system running in parallel via Remote controller and ground station to avoid possibility of accident. Also included low voltage alarm and lost signal auto return home function.
  • Efficient: 17 inch Slow Fly propellers + disc brushless motor, maximum efficient unto 12.8g/W.
  • Stable: 6 DOF, equipped with industrial grade high impact resistance and low drift MEMS sensors.
  • Simple: Pre-configured with remote controller, no setup required
  • Easy: Quick model setup, with two axis stabilized gimbals.
  • Operating temperature: minus 10 to  plus 60 Centigrade

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Lotus T700 Features:

  • Auto take off (Ground station control)
  • Altitude hold (via remote control)
  • Waypoint flight (ground station control)
  • Auto return home and auto landing (Remote or ground station control)

Lotus T700 quadcopter 4

Camera Gimbals can be set up under the frame which allowed quick removal from the frame. The tilt and roll angle can be controlled via remote control. It uses the suspension mounting system which provides effective elimination of high and low frequency vibration.

Lotus T700 quadcopter 5

Lotus T700 Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly (not including):

1.Transmitter and receiver
3.Flight controller
6.Camera mount set
7.Transmitter battery: 2A Battery x 8

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  • Manufactured by: LOTUS

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