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Nine Eagles 799B Air Combat System RC RTF Airplane





Nine Eagles 799B Air Combat System RC RTF Airplane 

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Nine Eagles 799B, the newest Nine Eagles airplane, adopts air combat complete flight system, waiting for you to try.

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Nine Eagles 799B Introduction:

The Nine Eagles FlyLine puts you in command. Take the battle to the skies for the ultimate aerial competition! FlyLine features the world first multi-plane indoor/outdoor RC Racing and Combat systems. With Air Combat outmaneuver your opponents to slice their streamers in a fast pace, adrenaline intense dogfight battle and show off your skills by performing spectacular predator stunts. Your FlyLine model planes are high grade, advance performance instruments with digital proportional control, 2.4GHz frequency and a servo that controls the rear elevator for unprecedented real time command of your aircraft which is capable of climbing, diving, looping, knife0edge flight and much, much more. RC flying has never been as easy as with FlyLine Flight Systems and becoming a flying ace just requires hours of fun practice and learning all the tricks.Nine Eagles 799B 4

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Nine Eagles 799B Features:

  • Strategically change your three propellers for different velocities and performance, and race your friends at supersonic scale speeds
  • Challenge your friends to ultimate Air Racing competitions
  • Battle in the air! Use your 2 combat propellers and 2 rolls of streamers to outmaneuver your opponent to slice his plane  streamer in fast-paced, aerial dogfight battles.
  • Strategically use battling maneuvers and tactics to challenge your friends to the ultimate air battle
  • Rechargeable and replaceable Li-PO battery system allows for Continuous Play Mode
  • 2.4 GHz frequency for interference-free flight and ability to bind to multiple planes
  • Tangle-free technology for battling and for racing in multi-plane competition. Tangle-free "Magic Rings" allow for competitive multi-plane high performance racing and stunts
  • Dual-Rate and trimming for expert control and precision flight performance
  • Fly at super-sonic scale speeds       

The base can be filled with either sand or water, and the pole can be attached at the size that best fits the size of the play area. For outdoor flight or indoor areas with ceilings higher than 15 feet, it is ok to use the extended-height pole.

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The transmitter feature two channels that operate the rear flap and the propeller, making flight easy for beginners. The transmitter also charges one of the plane batteries while you're playing, allowing for longer continous play than other planes.

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Nine Eagles 799B Specification:

  • Weight: 26g
  • Dimension: 300*325*100mm 

The patented design of the tethering system allows the hooks to slide up and down the pole while the plane is in flight, and allows multiple hooks to pass each other on the pole without tangling the lines.

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The line for the plane that tethers it to the base attaches to the fuselage with a controlling channel on the edge of the wing.

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Nine Eagles 799B Package Included:

  • Nine Eagles 799B airplane * 1
  • 2.4G transmitter * 1
  • Anchoring base system * 1
  • 3.7V 150mAh Li-Po Battery * 2
  • Decal sticker * 1
  • Spare propeller * 1
  • English manual * 1     

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  • Manufactured by: Nine Eagles

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