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Rapoo 1800 Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo Bundle



Rapoo 1800 Wireless keyboard and mouse bundle is made with 2.4G wireless transmission technique and designed in a very fashion way. This bundle is all black, with a narrowly designed keyboard, which helps saving space on the desk. The keyboard takes up little space, but it is designed with a close-knit standard keys set. The narrow edges of the keyboard make it fit to most kinds of keyboard pallets. So, if you match this keyboard with one of your favorite pallet, you can have more fun when typing.


The mouse is also black. Although the mouse is not a mini type, the special receiver takes up only two thirds of space of the ordinary one. Its resolution has reached 1000dpi. Also it moves with a high precision optical sensor, which makes it faster and more accurate. It can easily handle the daily business and standard game controlling. During the evaluating, the writer noticed that the mouse moved smoothly and accurately, without any delay.


Mouse Specifications
       Key: left, middle button, right
       The maximum tracking speed: 14 inches / second
       Maximum Acceleration: 2G
       Maximum Resolution: 1000 CPI
       Operating voltage: 1.5V, AA * 1
       Operating Current: 25mA
       Size: 116 * 61.8 * 35.6mm
Keyboard Specifications
       Word key switch: conductive film
       Key words Stroke: 3.6mm
       Operating voltage: 1.5V, AA * 1
       Current: 6mA (keypress)
       Size: 436 * 132.3 * 30mm

System Support
       IBM PC series
       Windows XP
       Windows Vista
       Windows 7
       USB port

Package Contents

       Wireless mouse
       Wireless keyboard
       Mini USB Receiver
       2 AA alkaline batteries


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  • Manufactured by: ARCANUM