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Sigma SS6 Summit Series 6 axis Multicopter Large size Long Flyin





Sigma SS6 Summit Series 6 axis Multicopter Large size Long Flying Time

Sigma SS6, High-End professional Summit Series Long Flying Time Multicopter, which can provide super long time say 29 to 50 minutes continuous flying time according to different carry load.  You may need other Quadcopter for a comparison.

Sigma SS6 1

Sigma SS6 Main Feature:

  • Super long flying time
  • Extremely high stability
  • Lightweight frame design but high strength
  • The frame and pipe aremade of carbon fiber material
  • Can directly connect with XA landing skid
  • Equipped with 8-axis hub for easy wiring
  • Two types of battery installing method (top and side)
  • Can install Z15 gimbal without any modification
  • Can install P3X-1000E gimbal without any modification
Sigma SS6 2

Sigma SS6 Introduction:

  • The excellent performance of SIGMA Summit SS6 is from its lightweight but high strength frame and excellent A.K.E F400 power system. The main structure of SIGMA Summit SS6 is made of carbon fiber material, with high strength and light weight; pipe clip is made of aerospace grade aluminum. The motor mount is the most popular SGF1001, which simplify the installation of motor and ESC; From outter appearance, the Summit SS6 is much more elegant, at the same time, ESC has better heat dissipation effect. The Sigma SGF1001 motor mount is also very light in weight, only 40g per one! The SIGMA Summit SS6 is concise but not simply, no spare screws and any other unnecessary design. All these design endows the SS6 only 660g (exclude landing skid). SS6 can be not only installed with XA landing skid, but other famous gimbals without any modification. It can directly connect with XA 2-axis gimbal and MC6500 gimbals and Q1000, Q2000S damper. When install the P3X-1000E, you can use the stock landing skid, while install the Z15, you need to seperately prepare a landing flat.
  • SIGMA Summit SS6 is equipped with A.K.E F400 power system, which is composed of A.K.E 30A highspeed brushless ESC, DM400L3514 high effeciency brushless motor and 15inch carbon fiber propellers. In order to simplify the wiring, SS6 is equipped with 8-in-1 metal hub, which greatly reduce the assembling dificult.
  • SIGMA Summit SS6 support two flying mode--"X" and "+". When connect with XA landing system, only "+" mode is available; while when connect with Z15 gimbal, only "X" mode is available; when connect with P3X-1000E, both mode are available.
  • SIGMA Summit SS6 can use the following batteries to supply power: 5200mAh/6S1P/25C¡¢6600mAh/4S1P/18C¡¢6600mAh/6S1P/18C¡¢8000mAh/6S1P/25C, support A.K.E 10000mAh/6S1P/18C or 25C lipo battery. SS6 offers two battery installing methods: "Overhead" and "Aside". For those hanging light weight camera, it`s better to choose the second installing method; if the camera is Z15 or P3X-1000E, then both are okay.
  • The frame pipe of SIGMA Summit SS6 (diameter: 16mm) is made of carbon fiber material, with longer size, has 930mm shaft diameter. It is compatible to work with 18in propellers. When install the 15in propeller, the relatively bigger distance can effectively avoid air disturbance so as to offer better air mechanics condition. At the same time, it can also improve the work effeciency of propellers. All these factors of SS6 bring the customers better flight experience.
Sigma SS6 3
Sigma SSTechnical Parameter:
  • Frame weight: 660g(exclude landing skid)
  • Frame weight: 800g(include landing skid)
  • Shaft distance: 930mm
  • Adjacent shaft center distance: 465mm
  • Compatible propeller size: 12"/14"/15"/16"/17"/18"
  • Max. load: 3.5kg
  • No-load flying time: about 50 minutes (20000mAh/6S2P)
  • Typical load flying time: 29 minutes (2.1kg/20000mAh/6S2P)
Sigma SS6 4
Sigma SS6 Package Included:
  • SIGMA Summit SS6 carbon fiber main frame * 1
  •  8-in-1 hub * 1
  • A.K.E HighSPEED PWM 30A Brushless ESC (support 6S power supply) * 6
  • A.K.E DarkMagic DM400L3514 brushless motor * 6
  • SIGMA 15in high effeciency carbon fiber propellers (3 pairs) * 6
  • XA landing skid system* 1
  • English Manuel * 1
Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly(excluded):
  • Transmitter(8 channel or above) * 1
  • Receiver(8 channel or above) * 1
  • Flight Controller (WK-M,NAZA-M or others) * 1
  • Battery (suggest 10000mAh/6S) * 1
  • Battery Charger * 1

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  • Manufactured by: Sigma

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