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STORM 450 Carbon Fiber Premium Edition RTF RC Helicopter



The New STORM 450 Carbon Fiber Edition
The Most Awesome 3D Radio-Controlled Helicopter!

After years of refinement, we proudly present the new STORM 450. STORM 450 Carbon Fiber Edition is the top of the line 2.4GHz premium edition CCPM 3D RC helicopter. It is one hundred percent pre-built and ready to fly out of box! We can say Storm 450 Carbon Fiber Edition is the best in it's class, because it really came with all the good stuff installed. Full Aluminum Upgrades, Storm 3800KV brushless motor, Storm 40A switching mode ESC, Storm Rock-5 AVCS head lock gyro with Align DS420 super fast rudder servo, three Storm MS-110G ultra durable metal gear servos, Storm 11.1v 2200mAh 20C Li-Po battery, WFLY WFT07H 2.4GHz LCD Display radio system with full settings, glass fiber canopy, Airy carbon fiber main blades, high-strength ball links and stainless steel linkage balls on the whole unit featuring wear resistance and anti-oxidization. This new STORM 450 Carbon Fiber Edition really is the highest quality 450 size heli you can get!



I will defiantly give you a full and honest description and performance report when I fly this, but what I can tell you honestly so far without flying it,
The Helicopter looks as good close up as it does in the photo.
No binding in any of the ball linkages they all fit snug.
No screw feel loose as I have checked them in preparation for flight.
The carbon fibre blades look impressive and are assemble beautifully on the full metal CCPM rotor head from what I can see without flying this look rock solid.
As soon as I get my transmitter back I will fly the Storm 450, to see if it does fly straight out of the box, and looking at the way it has been built I believe it will.

Top of the line material
Made of Carbon Fiber and Aircraft Grade Aluminum, light weight, precise and durable.


Aggressive 3D Action
This heli has collective pitch control that will let pilots fly in any direction. Transitioning from forward flight to hover with smooth, solid control is a cinch, and negative pitch is a breeze for aerobatic loops and rolls. The STORM 450 Carbon Fiber Edition also uses a combination of tough, lightweight aluminum and updated composite parts, and is designed and equipped to be capable of the most extreme 3D maneuvers !



One Hundred Percent Pre-Assembled
This heli is 100% assembled. You can have it flying in just a few minutes, right out of he box. Just make a quick change of the battery and you’re ready for lift off!

Precise and Efficient
Using the basics of micro electric design to keep components light and durable while distributing heat away from the electronics, the STORM 450 Carbon Fiber Edition is not only precise, but also efficient. When you combine precision and efficiency and add beauty, you will have the STORM 450 Carbon Fiber Edition : The Ultimate super electric helicopter!


The Best Flight Control System
Using Ball and Hiller two systems mixing control. Through simple structure of Ball control system, power-saving of Hiller system and CCPM control, can simultaneously control 3 servos for AILE, EVLE, PIT 3 actions. This CCPM control system is great for 3D flying control and extending life cycle of servos.


Best Center of Gravity
STORM 450 has the newest designed servo mount and body frame. It moves the center of gravity closed to rotor blade, and can adjust the center of gravity according to the weight of battery, it reduces the correction when the heli rolling.


High Performance Power System
This helicopter is combined with STORM 3800KV high performance brushless motor and 40A STORM Speed Controller for great power and efficiency. The brushless motor is equipped with out-runner cooling system. It solves the over-heat problem of many brushless motor on the market. Better cooling makes longer flight time and more aggressive 3D flight available. Also included in this ready-to-fly kit is a 11.1v Lithium battery with high capacity (2200mAh) and high output 20C discharge rate.

High Performance 40A Electronic Speed Controller
STORM 40A Electronic Speed Controller is the best ESC in its class. It offers extremely high output current that provide enough power for the brushless motor so that it is perfect for aggressive 3D action. It is equipped with switching mode BEC that provides stable current to the high sensitive receiver and ultra high speed servos. Besides it is very high performance, it is very high in efficiency that requires very low power consumption. Low working temperature design increases the life cycle as well.


High Quality Aluminum CNC CCPM System
STORM 450 Carbon Fiber 2.4GHz RTF Edition uses a combination of tough, lightweight Carbon Fiber, aluminum and updated composite parts and is designed and equipped to be capable of the most extreme 3D maneuvers. It has full aluminum upgrades including CNC Main Blade Grips, CNC Main Rotor Hub, CNC Washout Set and CNC Swashplate for precision and smooth movements.

STORM Ultra Durable Micro Servo with Metal Gears - MS-110G
STORM 450 Carbon Fiber Edition is equipped with three STORM MS-110G Ultra Durable Metal Gear Servos, the response time of these servos are only 0.09 Second / 60 Degrees, it is definitely one of the fastest servo in its class. It allows ultimate 3D action by providing sensitive control for the CCPM system and it also provides stability for the helicopter by controlling the tail rotor. It is the essential of both hovering and 3D motion. The durability is also superb, because it is using real Metal Gears, they do not break easily during a crash, they were specially made for the job!



High Precision Head Lock Gyro
STORM ROCK-5 Head Lock Gyro is the best Head Lock Gyro for helicopter in this class. It is powered by the best AVCS circuit, which stabilize the helicopter dramatically by controlling the angle of tail rotor. Since rudder trim changes caused by side-wind and other meteorological changes, and varieties of helicopter attitude changes are automatically cancelled, tail rudder operation becomes easy, making it easier to hover or 3D actions. It is perfect for both beginners and experts.

Align DS420 High Speed Digital Servo For Rudder Control
We demand the best performance, so we adopted the very good quality Align DS420 High Speed Digital Rudder Servo on the Storm 450 Carbon Version. It is also the standard equipment for the high end Align Trex450 Sport. The rudder servo is a very important part for a RC helicopter, it works with the Gyro and provide you a stable platform for hovering or hard 3D aerobatic. We tested this new combination (ROCK-5 Gyro + Align DS420 Servo) is able to compete in world class 3D competition.


High Quality Aluminum CNC Tail Gear Box
The fully upgraded tail gear box includes CNC Tail Push Rod Support, CNC Tail Gear Case, CNC Tail Pitch Lever and CNC Tail Rotor System. Tail rotor control set is equipped with dual bearing, features CNC control piece and smooth structure design.


Smooth Pitch Travel
The Tail Boom is made of High Rigidity Aluminum CNC tail pulley assembly and tail holder are using high rigid aluminum alloy, features wear resistant and falling resistance.

High Strength Ball Links and Stainless Steel Linkage Balls
Using new high strength ball links and stainless steel linkage balls on the whole unit, feature wear resistance, anti-oxidization.


Carbon Fiber Body Frame and Stabilizer
STORM 450 - Carbon Fiber 2.4GHz RTF Edition uses a combination of tough, lightweight Carbon Fiber, aluminum and updated composite parts and is designed and equipped to be capable of the most extreme 3D maneuvers.


WFT07 7-Ch 2.4Ghz Transmitter with LCD Display
For a good Helicopter or Airplane Radio Set, it needs to be stable and fast on radio signal and able to setup for the Servo Reverse, Swashplate Direction and Curves... etc. We are glad to introduce you the latest WFLY 7-Channel 2.4Ghz Transmitter with LCD display (model number : WFT07). It has all the useful functions, like "Servo Reverse, Subtrims, Swashplate Travel and Direction, Pitch Curve, Throttle Curve, Dual Rate and EXP Curves, so you can use it on "ANY" brand of RC helicopter with these settings, it even has a Big LCD Display, that's one thing only the expensive model has. Don't forget, it has a 2.4Ghz radio module, which means it is fast and Anti-Jamming, long range too! For the price you can't get any better than this.

Anti-Interference & Higher Reliability
Operating at 2.4 GHz puts the radio control out of the frequency range of any 'noise' generated by the other electronic components on your helicopter - such as the brushless motor, Electronic speed controller, Gyro, Servos and any metal to metal noise - eliminating interference and glitching that can affect traditional frequency system.

Longer Transmission Distance (>2km) & Lower Power Consumption
DSSS (Coding technology) offers longer transmission distance and minimizes power consumption. Also, no jamming with others in the field.

Faster Response Time
2.4 Ghz systems offers quicker, more responsive control, when compared to a standard frequency system.

No Frequency Control Required
A main characteristic of 2.4 Ghz equipment from a RC model club’s point of view is that no frequency control is needed. Eliminating the need to check everyone else's channel numbers, prior to flying. No more worries about turning up at a club with the wrong crystal in your Tx.

Glass Fiber Canopy
STORM 450 Carbon Fiber 2.4GHz RTF Edition is equipped with this good looking high quality Glass Fiber Canopy.


High Power Storm 11.1V 2200mah 20C Li-Po Battery
11.1V 2200mah 20C Battery can provide you 6-8 minutes of quality flight time, more than enough for every flying style!


Came with a Li-Po Charger
Li-Po Charger ready to use in worldwide voltage (100V ~ 240V), we will provide you the correct country adapter, so it's really a trouble free package!


Precise English User Manual
Main Blade Length:325mm
Main Rotor Diameter:700mm
Tail Rotor Diameter:150mm
Weight (w/o main blade):450g
Flying Weight:Approx.730~760g


STORM 450 Carbon Fiber Edition includes:
- 100% pre-assembled helicopter
- WFLY WFT07H 2.4GHz LCD Digital Transmitter
- Transmitter manuel in a CD Rom
- Storm 11.1V 2200mAh 20C High Capacity Li-Po Battery
- Power Adapter
- Li-Po Battery Charger
- Blade Holder

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