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T580 Quadcopter Quad Flyer Body w/ Camera Mount






The Lotus now offer also the T580 P+ Quadflyer


This thing flies just like one of those coaxial helicopters.

Thanks to the onboard gyros and accelerometers, the T580 will simply hover all by itself. All you need do is correct for any drift and work the throttle to adjust the altitude.

In calm conditions, the T580 is a piece of cake to fly. It simply hangs in the air and tiny corrections are all that's required to arrest drift or adjust its altitude. However, if the wind gets up the craft does seem to become rather wobbly -- sometimes over-correcting for wind (or pilot) induced disturbances. Strangely enough, adding weight makes things worse rather than better.


This T580 is not just a toy, this is a piece of Aerial Filming equipment which is chosen for a lot of video editing firms for video shooting. For players who just want to have fun with a easy helicopter, this is a good choice too! Because all the electronics on broad, this baby flies "Extremely Stable". The control of the T580 is easy, it's actually a standard 4-Channal helicopter, you get to control Elevator, Aileron, Rudder and Throttle, just like any other RC Helis, so if you have experience in flying any 4-Channel Helicopters before, you can control this Quadcopter with no problem, and thanks to the on broad Gyros and Sensors, it flies like a dream, amazingly stable! It can carry up to 580g payload, you can DIY your own camera mount or use the mount that came with it, it supports any common cameras, this is convenient! To fly this baby, you need a 11.1V Li-Po, same with all other 450 class helicopters. All you need is your own set of Transmitter and Receiver that any "4-Channel" radio set will do, and a pack of 11.1V Li-Po with T-Join connector, then your are ready to fly!

Quadcopter is proven a efficient way for Aerial Filming
Performance is superb, for Leisure or Professional Use

Not too big, not too small
Fit it into your car, take it everywhere to perform the job

Maximum Payload of 580g!!!
Taking 580g of filming equipment in mid air is not easy, this baby can do it

Which way is the forward?
Yellow tube could be the Head, or the Tail, just reverse Elevator Servo channel.

Outstanding Flight Performance and Reliable
Underneath the hood, it's the Gyro / Sensors Circuit Broad, and the Speed Controllers, you can put the receiver in here.

Great Lifting Power, thanks to the big 12" Rotor and Low RPM High Torque Motor
With four of this motor and rotor, carries up to 580g payload.


Oil Damper Camera Mount, it came with the package for FREE!
It has a bolt on the mount, same size with most tripod, that means it can carry almost all Digital Camera on the market, just make sure the Camera fits into the cage.


Some Samples with Camera on the T580

T580 Specification

1. Dimension : 608 x 608 x 243mm
2. Two motor eye to eye length : 580mm
3. Propeller : 1260 (12" X 6" thrust per rotation), Clockwise X 2 and Counterclockwise X 2, all 12" Dia.
4. Battery : 11.1V Li-Po 3S (A 2200mah Battery gives you about 6-8 mins of flying)
5. Unit Weight : Without battery and receiver, 730g
6. Payload : Max. 580g (Recommend half to get better agility)

The box includes : 

1. 95% Assembled Quadcopter Body (Need to put on Landing Skids and Camera Mount)
2. 1 X Landing Skid
3. 5 X Main Rotors (4 on the aircraft, 1 for spare)
4. 2 X Velcro Battery Strap
5. 2 X Extra Motor Shafts
6. Camera Mounting Ring for "+" mode flying or "X" mode flying
7. Free Camera Mount
8. English Manual

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  • Manufactured by: LOTUS