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Tarot 250A Super Combo Mini 250 shuttle rack TL250A

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Tarot 250A Super Combo Mini 250 shuttle rack TL250A

Tarot 250A Super Combo Description:

     TAROT Mini 250mini-shuttle is the onlyintegrated frame among the similar products in the market, which could allow the camera, image overlay systems, battery power, power transfer, 5.8G wireless image transmission, antenna, GPS and other electronic equipment to insert or solder to the PCB board directly, greatly reduce wiring installation, quick and easy.
     TAROT Mini 200/250/300 shuttl is also the most integrated product among similar products currently, the overall frame uses  thickness 2.1MM pure carbon fiber, with simple support structure,  using 450 tripod extremely ruggedness, low accessories. Rack comes with standard PCB board integrating all electronic product holes on it, reduce fly line interference. Extremely lightweight frame structure to obtain reasonable long life time.

tarot 250a rack
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  • Mini 200 / Mini 250 / brushless motor: 1860-2280KV TL300H1 / TL300H1
  • Mini 300 brushless motor: 2206KV TL300J1 / TL300J1
  • Lithium polymer battery: 15C / 11.1V / 2200MAH

Product parameters:

  • Wheelbase: 250MM
  • Empty rack height / assembly height: 43MM / 85.8MM
  • Empty frame length / assembly Length: 195MM / 288MM
  • Empty frame width / assembly width: 219MM / 315MM
  • Bottom headroom: 21.8MM
  • Empty weight / takeoff weight: 115G / 430G (including 2200MHA battery)

Product Specifications:

  • 2.0 Middle pure carbon plate × 1 (159 × 33 × 2.0MM) 11.7G
  • 2.0 Front pure carbon plate × 1 (219 × 49 × 2.0MM) 16.5G
  • 2.0 Back pure carbon plate × 1 (219 × 58 × 2.0MM) 16.9G
  • 1.0 Front legislature pure carbon plate × 1 (159 × 33 × 2.0MM) 1.3G
  • PCB circuit board × 1 (181 × 106 × 19.5MM) 28G
  • Plastic Tripod × 1 (175 × 108 × 43MM) 25G
  • Front metal supports × 1 (73 × 10 × 8MM) 5G
  • M2 × 4MM Button head Allen screws 0.2G × 7
  • Upper Metal support frame × 2 (48.5 × 4 × 8MM) 1.7G
  • M2 × 12MM cup hex head screw 0.3G × 6
  • Flight Control sided adhesive × 1 (35 × 35 × 1.5MM) 0.5G
  • Battery tie× 1
  • Chinese-English manual × 1

    Porous bit camera mounting plate, adpots mid-mount design. Using standard Camera TL300M, to get better results. PCB integrated version and 2.1MM pure carbon fiber board with metal CNC parts, suppress inexpensive tripod, ingenious form the frame structure.


Lithium battery can inssert into XT60 plug on PCB board directly to reduce cabling weight. There is 5.8G wireless image transmission antenna protection gear TL300K and GPS plugs in the tail . The ESC can be soldered directly to corresponding PCB board and to suppress with elastic sheet.


When the CNC metal parts of the strengthened framework acts as a nut, it can also clever gear as battery plates, to prevent collision from other electronic equipment when the crashes. The middle of PCB can solder OSD image overlay TL300L directly  without any wires. The inexpensive cost of 450PRO tripod make the crashes carefree realm.



Standard English and Chinese installation, wiring connection instructions and pre-wiring connection. With very few parts, very light structure to assemble a machine through the clouds, the trees shuttle, machine building through heaven and enjoy the flight.



specification of tarot 250 mini

specification of the rack

specification of the frame

Tarot 250A Super Combo Package Includes:

1* Tarot 250A shuttle rack

1* tarot CC3D flight control TL300D

2* Tarot positive self-locking motor with propeller TL300H1

2* Tarot anti-self-locking motor with propeller TL300H2

4* Hobbywing 12A ESC TL300G

1*Tarot FPV shuttle aerial camera TL300M
1*Tarot 5.8G FPV image transmission transceiver kit TL300N
1*Tarot OSD image overlay / GPS system TL300L1* Tarot 5.8G image transmission antenna TL300K


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  • Manufactured by: Tarot

Customer Reviews:

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by Mathew Smith
Date Added: 07/22/2015
Good Price, Fast delivery (10 days from china to UK ), I really like the little strong frame and the spare parts are useable.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Jack Pan
Date Added: 07/21/2015
It's very strong, light and stable with carbon fiber frame. It's also very easy to assemble and maintenance because of modular design. She is my favorite now.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Fez Forman
Date Added: 07/17/2015
I always have a feeling of shuttles, as I think they are sharp and strong as well as simple. So is this one. It looks like a superman in the sky to me, hehe!

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)


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