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Tarot 5.8G 25/200/600MW 7086 48CH Image Transmission TX TL300N6


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Tarot 5.8G 25/200/600MW 7086 48CH Image Transmission TX TL300N6

EWRF e708TM3 , a power adjustable 5.8G Audio/Video transmitter, is the enhanced version

of 7086TM3. It only adds OSD setting of AV TX compared to 7086TM3.It works well with

several other commonly used Betaflight/Cleanflight FCs when using OSD setting. Almost all F3

and F4 targets ( except for those with integrated VTX) are supported.



Product Spacfications:

Size: 32.5*22.5*7.25mm

Display : 1 digital tube / 2pc  buttons

Work volatge : DC6-24V

Work Current : 130mA(25mW) /230mA(200mW) /280mA(600mW) /12V

Work frequency : 5.8G

Channel : 48CH

Work Power: 25mW/200mW / 600mW/Close ( can be adjusted )

Antenna Connector : PR-SMA

Transmission distance : 25mW/ 200m     200mW /1.5KM   600mW/5KM  (Depends on enviroment )

Connector : 7 Pins (Power input , Power Place , PWM Input , Audio Input , 5V input ,Power Place , Vedio Input )




Power setting:

1.Press and hold the button P to choose the power of 25mW/200mW/600mW.

2.Use two short press to turn on/off the transmitting(PITMODE setting) and

then the TX LED will be twinkles or not respectively. When power is set to

OFF(PITMODE is effective), you can set bands and channels without

interference to others.The AV transmitting distance is only within 1-2 meters

when it is in Pitmode.

3. Only the TX LED is on when the power is set to 25mW,both two lights of TX

and 200mW LED are on when set to 200mW, All three lights TX,200mW and

600mW are on when set to 600mW.



Band and channel setting


1. Presss and hold the button C to choose the band A-b-c-d-E-F(circle).

2. Press the button repeatedly to choose the channel 1-8(circle).

3. When PWM port is connected with a RC receiver, it can been used to change

AV channels 1-8 and to shut transmitting by a RC( PITMODE in effect). Make

sure that there is a PWM signal from receiver within 3 seconds after

powering up ,otherwise the transmitter is back to button-press setting

mode . When in the setting mode of PWM, the dot on the digital display will





Product Introduce :


according to demand to adjust transmission power, 25mW / 200mw / 600mW

Support OSD , 5.8G adjustable power Image transmission

Support Betaflight flight control OSD configuration parameters

 5V BEC output, can give the receiver, camera power supply

Zero interference on power and switching channels will never interfere with other users

With automatic overheating protection, to prevent the module damage

With the protection function, forgot the antenna will not damage the module

Supports OSD configuration channel, power and switch PITMODE mode

Supports PWM switching channels and switches PITMODE mode

Can lead to the key and parameters in the body outside

Mini digital display



Package include :

1 X 5.8G transmitter

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  • Manufactured by: Tarot

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