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Tarot clover folding propeller Clamp/red TL100B17


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Tarot clover folding propeller Clamp/red TL100B17

Tarot TL100B17 Product Description:

propeller clamp

installed propeller clamp

folding propeller Clamp

drawing picture of propeller clamp

Tarot TL100B17 Product Description:

This product adopts 6061T6 aluminum full CNC machining, suitable for all motors whose  symmetric screw hole center distance is 12mm, clover folding propeller clamp provides high-efficient folding effect, under the same speed circumstances, effectively increasing the energy conversion rate of low torque kinetic motors obtained more than 15% efficiency improvement and more abundant power reserve. Suitable for all kinds of 4 multi-axis, 6 multi-rotor axis, and other unmannedquadcopters.

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Tarot TL100B17 Product Specifications:

  • Clover metal folding paddle clamp Theravada × 2 (Φ59 × 3MM)
  • Clover metal folding paddle clamp base× 2 (61 × 18 × 5MM)
  • M3 × 11.3MM sleeve screw 0.6g × 3
  • M3 × 8MM half round head screws 0.4g × 2
  • Teflon Gasket × 6 (8 × 3 × 0.5MM) 0.05g

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  • Manufactured by: Tarot