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Tarot FLIR VUE PRO 3Axis gimbal TL03FLIR


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Tarot FLIR VUE PRO 3Axis gimbal TL03FLIR


Tarot Metal Three-axis FLIR Yuntai suitable for FLIR Flir Vue Pro 320/640, is my company for power inspection, fire, and many other industry needs to build a dedicated infrared thermal imaging FLIR Vue Professional grade three-axis Yuntai. The leading drive program, pure tailor-made, CNC integral wall plate structural industrial design, fine processing, and other characteristics of the industry is widely loved by people, can carry infrared thermal imaging cameras widely used in electric power patrol, fire and other industries.




Product Description:
Tarot Metal Three-axis FLIR Yuntai is suitable for: FLIR FLIR Vue Pro 320/640 High sensitivity thermal imaging camera customized, integrated Tarot series of all the high-end technology, the use of full CNC integral ribbed wall plate structural industrial design, bringing lightweight and the strongest stability. Break through the limitations of light and space, can capture clear, accurate thermal images anytime, anywhere. The Tarot FLIR Thermal Imaging camera gives a visually new dimension, allowing you to quickly search for large areas, or to detect inaccessible devices at close range. Work becomes more efficient, easy and safe.


Mechanical/Electrical Properties
Suitable camera Type: FLIR Thermal imaging camera FLIR 336Pro, 640Pro
Input power: 3s -6s li (110-26v)
Working current: 30mA (Siane 25v)/50mA (Siate 12v)
Plugging current: 350mA (Siane 25v)/700mA (Siate 12v)
Attitude control accuracy: ± 0.02 degrees
Maximum controllable speed
Rotation direction (PAN): ± 200 °/s
Pitch direction (tilt): ± 200 °/s
Rolling direction (roll): ± 200 °/s
Controllable rotation Range
Rotation direction (PAN): ± 125 °
Pitch direction (tilt):-120 ° to +80 °
Rolling direction (roll): ± 50 °
S-bus PPM Receiver Support
Working environment temperature:-20 Shan Seper Shan
Maximum dimensions (with camera): 85mm 100mm
Tuning parameter Software Installation requirements
Windows XP; Windows Mindows 8 (a bit)

National intellectual property rights have been awarded Tarot Model Aircraft Co., Ltd. Patent. Any unit or individual who manufactures, mimics, uses or sells this product without the authorization of the holder may face a patent infringement lawsuit.
ThestateinteSbeenawardaFivepatents Any units Orindividual Without the license holder Manufacture, copy, use and sale the product would be patent Lawsuit.

Patent No. Patent Number 20142015

Product Specification:
Metal triaxial flir 191 grams x1
PTZ Main control Module (36 X 25 X 11mm) x1
The main control of 8P PTZ and the main connection line X1 of cloud Platform
5V output, receiver and video line x1
USB module (27 X 21x7mm) x1
Flight Control connection Line X1
Packing Box X1

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  • Manufactured by: Tarot

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