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Tarot Full Folding Rack 4 Axis Aircraft IRON MAN 650 TL65B01-US

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Tarot Full Folding Rack 4 Axis Aircraft IRON MAN 650 TL65B01


Tarot Full Folding Rack 2

Tarot Full Folding Rack, Tarot newest 4 axis aircraft will be coming soon. We have Tarot 6 axis aircraft FY680 in stock for your options right now.

Tarot Full Folding Rack 1

The newest Landing Skid TL68B11

Tarot Full Folding Rack newest landing side

Tarot Full Folding Rack adopts Toray 3K carbon fiber cloth woven carbon fiber board with 3K hollow twill pure carbon fiber carbon fiber tube (non-3K glassy carbon tube) CNC machining,design standards higher than similar products, the full set of rack weighs only 476 grams. Full folding design, installation designed for users with high portability requirements,the user can flexibly according to the weight of the loaded photographic equipment adjust the center of gravity. Particularly suited to do surveillance, remote sensing, mapping, aerial reconnaissance, fire observed explore life cable line patrol, farm monitoring, and other the mobile performance requirements equipment. You may need other Tarot Quadcopter for your other options and comparison.

Tarot Full Folding Rack 3

Tarot Full Folding Rack Detailed specifications read related accessories:

  • Recommended Configuration 1: gopro configuration (recommended)
  • 180-250W Motor plus 20 A ESC the plus 4 S 5000 battery plus 10-12 inch propeller
  • Recommended configuration: micro single configuration (generally recommended)
  • 300-400W Motor plus  30 A ESC the plus 4 S 5000-10000 battery plus 12-14 inch propeller
  • Recommended configuration: SLR configuration (not recommended)
  • 400W motor plus 40 A ESC plus 6 S 5000-10000 battery plus 14-17 inch propeller

Tarot Full Folding Rack 4

Tarot Full Folding Rack 5

Tarot Full Folding Rack Supporting optional products:

  • Tarot 2212/920KV multi-axis high efficiency brushless motor / red TL9014
  • Tarot 2212/920KV multi-axis high efficiency brushless motor / Blue TL9013
  • The folding tripod TL68B11 of FY680 six-axis aircraft
  • The FY680 six-axis aircraft flip the battery rack TL68B14
  • 650 carbon fiber four-axis battery plate TL65B03 of
  • 650 carbon fiber four-axis up and down cover TL65B04
  • For 22MM TL65B05 of M2.5H5 hexagonal aluminum column
  • Dia 10MM 3K plain carbon tube (200MM) TL65B06
  • The the M16 flight seat motor mount / orange TL68B08
  • Dia 16MM 3K pattern matte pure carbon tube TL6809-2
  • The M10 metal silicone damping Seat TL68B10
  • 16MM carbon tube folding the positioning seat plastic components TL68B04
  • Four-axis, six-axis, DIY skid landing TL8201
  • Dia 16MM carbon fiber GPS holder TL68B13

Tarot Full Folding Rack 6

Tarot Full Folding Rack 6

We ship to zone 1 to 8 in the US, if you are in zone 9,10 or in the other countries, please check this product here:

Tarot fy650

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  • Manufactured by: Tarot

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