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Tarot Mini-200/250/Hobbywing ESC 12A(including BEC) TL300G


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Tarot Mini-200/250/Hobbywing ESC 12A(including BEC) TL300G


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    SkyWalker Series Brushless ESC parity empty mold is original authentic product of Hobbywing company, for universal application and RTF brushless power system.
   This series products as weel as other Hobbywing products, all made of high quality genuine devices, produced under strict quality control, rich product feature, excellent cost.

1 Product Specifications:

1.1 Output capacity: Continuous current 12A, short-time current 15A (less than 10 seconds);
1.2 Power input: 2 lithium batteries or 5-6 NiMH / NiCd battery pack;
1.3 BEC Output: 5V @ 1A (linear regulator mode -linear mode);
1.4 throttle signal frequency range (Refresh rate): 50Hz-432Hz;
1.5 Maximum speed: 2-pole motor 210,000 rev / min, 6-pole motor 70000 rev / min, 12 pole motor 35000 rev / min;
1.6 Dimensions: 38mm (length) * 18mm (width) * 6mm (high);
1.7 Weight: 9g;

2 Product Features:
2.1 safe power function: when connectiong the power, the motor will not start immediately regardless of the position of the throttle stick, to prevent injury;
2.2 Throttle range calibrated features: adapt to the different remote control between different throttle range, improving throttle response linearity;
2.3 programme setting (setting with throttle stick or LED parameter settings tab):
       Brake setting: no brake / with brake;
       Battery type: Lithium Battery / NiMH;
       Low Voltage Protection Mode: Soft Shutdown / hard shutdown;
       Low Voltage Protection Threshold: low / medium / high;
       ● Start mode: Normal / Soft / Super-soft and starting;
       Timing: low / medium / high;
       ● Restore factory defaults;
2.4 Comprehensive protection features:
       voltage protection: programmed by the user when the battery voltage is lower than the protection threshold, ESC automatically reduces the output power;
       Overvoltage protection: the input voltage exceeds the input range allows not start, automatic protection, also issued a hasty "beep" warning tone;
       overheat protection: Built-in temperature detection circuit automatically reduces the output power when the ESC temperature is too high;
       remote control signal loss protection: remote control signal to reduce the power loss of 1 second, remote control signal disables the output after 2 seconds;

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  • Manufactured by: Tarot

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by ern newvy
Date Added: 11/18/2015
Very economical and works great, i love tarot and thank oomodel gives me free express shipping, i'm a happy customer.

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