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Tarot PU Adhesive Gel for Gyro TL1457


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Tarot PU Adhesive Gel for Gyro TL1457

Tarot PU Adhesive Gel is used for Tarot Helicopter. You may needo ther Tarot parts.

Tarot PU Adhesive Gel

Tarot PU Adhesive Gel Features:

PU Adhesive Gel is a material that possess excellent vibration dampening characteristics, ideal for mounting gyroscopes,

Receivers, or other electronics in vibration prone areas.The gel can re-used by cleaning off containment (such as dust)

With water. Mild detergent can also be used to wash away oily residues. Once dried the gel will regain its adhesiveness.The PU Adhesive Gel is an ideal replacement for traditional gyro foam tape. Lts excellent vibration dampening

Characteristic can minimize impact induced damages on electronics.

PU rubber as a material with excellent damping effect, itself has a sticky, for gyroscopes and other electronic equipment and the receiver fixing shock absorbers, surface stained with dirt, just rinse with water, if the oil gets on the time Can be used dish detergent wash, drying adhesive can be restored after repeated use! replace the traditional foam for shock effect of the gyroscope excellent, can reduce the impact when the damage to electronic equipment.

Tarot PU Adhesive Gel 2

Tarot PU Adhesive Gel Specifications:

  • material / Material: PU
  • size / dimensions: 80x50x2.5mm/24x24x2.5mm

Tarot PU Adhesive Gel operation to use:

  • Cut gel to the appropriate size using scissors, and place it between electronic component and mounting area. Use the (Velcro) strap for reinforcement
  • appropriate size with scissors cut the gel, paste in the electronic components and between the mounting surface. Re-use (Velcro) with reinforcement

Tarot PU Adhesive Gel Package Included:

  • Contains the magic with a x1. PU rubber vibration pads the size of the 1 (light blue / light purple random shipping)

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  • Manufactured by: Tarot