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Tarot X4 TL4X001 quadcopter w/ Retractable Landing Gear






Tarot X4 TL4X001 4 axis quadcopter w/ Electric Retractable Landing Gear

Tarot X4 Product Introduction:

tarot x4 quadcopter

Tarot X4 Product Description:
  TAROT X4 multi-copter is a multi-axis flight vector designed for professional aerial photographers. Its standard equipments are new electric retractable folding landing gear, umbrella type folding arm. The integrated PCB board wire makes the wire of the power and ESC more efficient and safety, which provide adequate space for the installation of various flight control systems.

    TAROT X4 adopts 4-rotor 6015 brushless motor to provide sufficient power. The whole kit is of  lightweight, portable and convenient. The maximum take-off weight is about  KG, can easily carry 5D level aerial equipment, with   minutes of battery life, as well as   minutes of effective working time.

Tarot X4 Product Specifications:

  • Symmetric Motor Wheelbase: 960 MM
  • Folding propeller Specifications:  22-24 inch
  • Arm length: 392 MM
  • Arm Weight:  113 G
  • Center plate diameter:  330 MM
  • Undercarriage clearance height:  395 MM
  • Battery Specifications: 15C, 22.2V, 10000-2000MHA
  • 6S Brushless ESC:  60 A
  • Maximum power consumption:   W
  • Hover Power:  W (9.5KG)
  • Hover Time:  18 MIN
  • Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
  • Weight:  1.6 KG
  • Total weight:  2.2 KG

Tarot X4 Accessories Reference Number:

  1. Rotor Specifications: 22-24 inch (recommended T Series,  2255 high-efficient carbon fiber propeller TL2846)
  2. Brushless Motor: 6015 Forward UAV motor TL4X002
  3. Brushless ESC: 6015 Reverse UAV motor TL4X003
  4. X Series diamond frame TL6X005



main body of tarot x4 quadcopter

motor mount of tarot x4 quadcopter

two-tone color design of tarot x4 quadcopter

plate of tarot x4 quadcopter

retractable landing skid of tarot x4 quadcopter

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  • Manufactured by: Tarot

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