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Tarot X8 Cover Board TL8X019 for carbon fiber on the cover board








Cover Board TL8X019 for Tarot X8 carbon fiber on the cover board

Product description:
Suitable for Tarot X8 multi-axle vehicle frame TL8X001, integral is made of pure 3 k carbon fiber woven cloth  imported Toray after high temperature and high pressure prefabricated CNC precision machining, all 1.6 MM of pure carbon matte twill carbon fiber plate quality than the conventional commercial products.With high flatness, light weight, creep resistance, high strength and strong vibration resistance etc, comprehensive performance beyond the national standard of high intensity of carbon fiber bar plate level performance index requirements.The perspective of the overall design has strong shock effect.Overall framework USES the lightweight design of 6061 M3 t6 aluminum alloy aluminum column and M3 * 8 steps screw fastening.
Product specifications:
 Body cover plate on the pure carbon fiber * 1 (321 * 321 * 1.6 MM)

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