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Tarot XS690 FPV Drone Quadcopter 690 Sport TL69A01


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Tarot XS690 Review

Tarot XS690 is sport version of Tarot fy680, upgraded 4 axis drone, it comes with electrical retractable skid landing and hood, the diameter is also 690mm, the weight is only 562g, which will provide you longer flight time in the air.


Tarot XS690 description:
TAROT 690 SPORT four-axle vehicle racks for 680 series rack products, designed by TAROT company independent innovation, with a number of patented technologies. XS690 comes standard with electric folding tripod TL69A02, electric retractable foot controller TL8X002, the optimum design of the center of gravity lower and more stable large installation space, design with a strong impact perspective.
Equipped with high strength carbon fiber plate processing, and redesigned space provide plenty of space for the flight control system. Simple motor design for light-long empty and lay a better foundation. Overall perspective of design with a strong impact, in order to provide a good visual of the air direction.
TAROT XS690 four-axle vehicle racks for high portability requirements of users, are uniquely suited to do surveillance, remote sensing, surveying and mapping, aerial reconnaissance, fire observation, exploration, cable inspection, farm life monitoring, such as for mobile high performance requirements, equipment load is small and take a long blank navigation applications.

Tarot XS690 specification:
Wheel diameter: 690MM
Empty weight: 562G
Rotor sizes: 14-17 t-series carbon fiber propeller TL2840
Brushless motor: 4006 Martin Martin brushless motor TL2954/4008 brushless motor TL2955
Battery specifications: 10-15C, 14.8V 22.2V, 4000-5000MHA TL2943
Brushless electronic speed control: 30A-40A TL2953

Tarot XS690 Related accessories reference number:
500 special outfield bag/black-reinforced TL2647
680PRO carbon fiber pattern hooded TL2851
680PRO hood Symphony TL2853
680PRO flag hood TL2852

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  • Manufactured by: Tarot

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