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Tarot ZYX-M Multicopter Flight Controller ZYX25-UK


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Tarot ZYX-M Multicopter Flight Controller ZYX25


tarot zyx-m

Tarot ZYX-M- A Flight controller which will Change the experience of flying
Tarot ZYX-M flight control set number of new science and technology in one, it simplifies the debugging process of complicated and jumbled, redefined the flight brings minimalist nature of operations.
, Flying scenery on the road than ever before because it's close to it.

And you're close to, refreshing operations
Intelligent flight control is born in order to enhance the flight experience, especially ZYX-M. By advanced inertial navigation algorithms and smart solution interaction makes the stability and maneuverability of the aircraft we can have both. You can according to their own needs, set in the scheduling software features such as pitch, roll and yaw of the aircraft, freewheeling feel designed exclusively for your flight.

For flight safety, than you want to get a more comprehensive
Tarot ZYX-M multi-axis flight control on your vehicle well for security, it is more comprehensive than you want to, can provide a variety of abnormal status of protection, can remind you to take the appropriate action in due course when the exception occurred. Including setting range and no fly zone protection functions, the vehicle always under control in a smooth flight range.

Main Controller master controller:
A 32-bit processor, has a strong computing power.
Built-in sensor damping, seismic capacity super strong.
Full metal jacket, providing full protection.
Support dual S-BUS receiver
Double DSM satellite receivers to protect remote control reliable.
Exclusive interface PTZ control, direct control of the TAROT of the new PTZ.
tarot zyx-m controller
Tarot ZYX-M GPS module:
High performance GPS receiver, high gain antennas, Star Search fast and Super accurate positioning.
tarot zyx-m gps
Tarot ZYX-M PMU module:
Dual power output, supports flight control, and at the same time power supply, integrated voltage detection, low voltage alarm.
tarot zyx-m pmu
LED indicator: simple, anytime, anywhere control vehicle status.

Standard USB module
tarot zyx led
Tarot ZYX-M Features:
Supports up to 9 different aircraft types, plus 3 server output, stronger expansion.
tarot zyx-m features
GPS speed precise and controllable speed mode:
GPS speed mode, the speed is proportional to the amount of rocker completely, truly constant-speed flight; ascending and descending speed is proportional to the amount of throttle lever without unexpected rapid rise and fall.

Runaway to return home, a key to return:
When a remote control signal is lost, it can automatically return to the take off point for aircraft landed safely; can also toggle switch of the remote control when the remote control signal to trigger an automatic return to land.

Intelligent direction control (IOC) surrounded and points of interest (POI)

Tarot ZYX-M Smart gear features:
When opened, the landing gear on the ground do not accidentally put; in case of an emergency (such as autoland, etc) will pop down
The landing gear; flew at more than 5M through switch control gear up and down.

Strong range and no fly zone protection functions:
GPS speed mode, the aircraft will not fly out of the scope of protection set in other modes, once flew out of the scope of protection, trigger an automatic return immediately; within the no fly zone near the airport, aircraft flight altitudes and ranges are strictly limited.
Broken oar protection (six-axis aircraft and above)
Six-axis aircraft and above, when one of the motor or propeller does not work properly, aircraft flight or that gesture normally controlled and will not crash.


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  • Manufactured by: Tarot

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