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Titan 720 head lock Gyro 450 RC helicopter





Titan 720 head lock Gyro 450 RC helicopter

Description :

  • Titan 720 adopts AVCS(Angular Vector Control),which makes the fuction of head lock more outstanding andsteady,it is a gyro with function of dual rate head lock.
    AVCS System: Since the rudder trim changes (caused by wind and other meteorological changes);
    the front, rear, and other heli attitudes change and are automaticall cancelled;
    tail (rudder) operation is easy, making it perfect for 3D flight. (also known as Heading Hold Gyro)
    Operating voltage:4V-6V
    Operating temperature:-10C--+45C
    Size:27mm(L) x 28.5mm(W) x 18mm(H)
    Weight: 20g

Package content:

  • 100% Brand New

  • 1 x Titan 720 head lock Gyro

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  • Manufactured by: Titan