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trex 450 helicopter

T-REX 450 has been the ideal choice for entry level R/C helicopters. To cater to the beginner enthusiasts, Align first introduced RTF (Ready to Fly) T-REX 450 PLUS. Now, Align presents a new flybarless version:T-REX 450 PLUS DFC. Complete with Align T6 2.4G transmitter and newly released 3GX MR flybarless system, this fully assembled helicopter can be flown immediately just by plugging in a charged battery, allowing the pilot to bypass assembly and adjustment process.

The helicopter utilizes DFC rotor head assembly, paired with 3GX MR flybarless system optimized for T-REX 450 PLUS flight characteristics. Without any adjustment or tuning, this combo will provide optimal stability suitable for pilots of all levels.

For those enthusiasts who wish to fine tune 3GX MR even further, it can be done through a few simple steps. In addition, 3GX MR has a FHSS 2.4GHz receiver built in, providing an all in one package.

Align T6 R/C system utilizes Futaba 2.4G S-FHSS frequency hopping 6 channel transmitter, with complete helicopter functions such as throttle/pitch curve, stunt mode switch, dual rate and exponential adjustment, etc.

With the addition of the brand new 3GX MR, the T-REX 450 PLUS DFC pushes past the performance limitation of flybar helicopter, improving both stability and 3D performance, while maintaining a down to earth price level.

flybarless rotor head system

Newly designed DFC flybarless rotor head system utilizes extreme low CG design, effectively reduces resistance during flight, increased flight responsiveness and precision.

trex 450 helicopter Swashplate

New 450DFC CCPM Swashplate and main shaft bearing block.

trex 450 helicopter battery mount

Brand new battery mount with integrated ESC mount.

trex 450 helicopter upper / lower plate frame

Newly designed 4 piece upper / lower plate frame system.

trex 450 helicopter main gear.

Newly designed servo mount & high precision helical main gear.

trex 450 helicopter gyro mounting platform

Newly designed rudder servo mount & dedicated rudder gyro mounting platform.

trex 450 helicopter frame base plate

New style frame base plate with access window to gyro adjustment.

trex 450 helicopter horizontal fin mount

Hoop style horizontal fin mount with longer tail boom supports.

trex 450 helicopter  tail pitch control

High precision tail pitch control assembly.

ALIGN T6-2.4GHz transmitter

ALIGN T6-2.4GHz transmitter.


trex 450 helicopter Balance Charger RCC-3SD.

trex 450 helicopter 3S1P 11.1V 2200mAh/30C.

3S1P 11.1V 2200mAh/30C.


RH45E02XW  Standard equipment:

●RCE-BL35P 35A Brushless ESC x 1
●450MX Brushless motor(3400KV) x 1
●DS415M (Metal Gear)Digital servo x 3
●DS425MDigital servo x 1
●3GX MR Flybarless System x 1

RH45E02XW  Standard equipment

RH45E02XW  Specification:

●Length: 634mm
●Height: 205mm
●Main Rotor Diameter: 715mm
●Tail Rotor Diameter: 158mm
●Motor Drive Gear: 11T
●Main Drive Gear: 112T
●Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 106T
●Tail Drive Gear: 25T
●Drive Gear Ratio: 1:10:4.24
●Flying Weight: Approx. 584g
●Color carton:27.3x10x6.6cm
●Outer carton:56x31x28cm ,24sets/ctn

RH45E02XW  Accessories:

●T-REX 450 Plus DFC Kit Set x 1 set
●3GX MR Flybarless System x 1 set
●ALIGN T6 6Channel Transmitter x 1
●325D 3G Carbon blades x 1 set
●RCE-BL35P 35A Brushless ESC x 1
●450MX Brushless motor(3400KV) x 1
●DS415M (Metal Gear)Digital servo x 3
●DS425MDigital servo x 1
●3S1P 11.1V 2200 mAh/30C Li-polymer Battery x 1
●Lithlum Battery Balance Charger RCC-3SD x 1 set
●1.5V AA Zinc-Carbon Battery x 4

Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly:
1.Dial Pitch Gauge or Digital Pitch Gauge
2.Swashplate Leveler

3GX MR Programmable Flybarless System:

 RH45E02XW 3GX MR Programmable Flybarless System

3GX MR's was designed with goals of simple, convenient, light, and ease of adjustment. With the embedded brand new Futaba S-FHSS 2.4Ghz system, the 3GX MR is more than just a flybarless system; it simplifies installation on small/micro sized helicopters since no receiver is needed.

●Built in Futaba S-FHSS 2.4Ghz receiver, directly compatible with Align T6 and Futaba S-FHSS transmitters.
●Flybarless system designed specifically for T-Rex 250 and T-Rex 450, with small footprint, simplified setting process.
●Optimized for T-Rex 250 and T-Rex 450 helicopters; with factory default setting suitable for majority of pilots.
●Use for T-REX250/T-REX450 .

3GX MRS Programmable Flybarless System:

●Suitable Voltage Range:DC 3.5~8.4V
●Operating current consumption:<100mA @4.8V
●X and Y axis Operating Angle Range:-300~+300 degree
●Z axis Operating Angle Range:-600~+600 degree
●Sensor resolution:12 BIT
●Supports 90/120/135/140 CCPM swashplates
●Operating Temperature:-20~65 degree
●Compatible with T-REX 250、T-REX 450
●Operating humidity:0%~95%
●RoHS certified
●Size:37.4x20.5x12.6 mm
●Weight: 10g Weight

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