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Walkera LM180D01 flybarless 3 axis gyro with camera Red





Walkera LM180D01 Red flybarless 3 axis gyro with camera


Flybaress is a creative design for LM180D01. Compared with the traditional coaxial helicopter, it features light weight, prompt response and good wind resistance. Enjoying the outdoor flight is an outstanding advantage.
Symmetrical main blades of light weight and efficient elevating force speeds up the revolution and enhances the wind resistance. It solves the shortage of coaxial helicopter incapable of wind resistance.

Walkera LM180D01 Helicopter

Walkera LM180D01 Helicopter


1).Improved new flybarless control system, RX2626V, increased the hover and route flight stability which makes the model to be the first option for beginners.
2).Mounting 300,000 pixels Camera to satisfy basic aerial photograph ,also to enjoy taking photos and videos.
3).Both Walkera and DEVO series Radios can be compatible including WK2603,WK2801Pro,DEVO6/7/8 and DEVO12.
4). Originally created flybarless design, combined with fixed pitch and coaxial structure.
5). Thanks to the highly efficient 2*180 brushed motors powered by 7.4V 800mAh LiPo, the flight time is up to 10 minutes depending on the flight mode.
6). The usage of three-axis gyro control technology can automatically trim the directions of elevator, aileron, and rudder.

Mounting 300,000 pixels Camera to satisfy basic aerial photograph ,also to enjoy taking photos and videos.


1). Upper Main Blade Dia. : 408 mm
2). Lower Main Blade Dia.: 408 mm
3). Overall length: 365 mm
4). All-up weight: 268g (Battery include)
5). Driven system: 2* 180 carbon brush motor
6). Battery: Li-po 7.4V 800mAh
7). Gyro: three-axis-gyro
8). Transmitter: Selectable

CNC-machined metal rotor head, flybarless structure.

Metal blade holder with compact swashplate makes the model durable and the flight steady.

Twin motors offer powerful drive, improve the revolution, and enhance the ability against wind.

7.4V 800mAh LiPo flies about 10 minutes per cycle, depending on the flight mode.

Pakage Included:

  • Pre-assembled Helicopter
  • Battery Charger (Suitable for your country)
  • 7.4V 800mAh 20C Li-Po Battery
  • USB Card Reader
  • Instruction Manual

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  • Manufactured by: Walkera

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