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Walkera Mini 3D helicopter Genius CP with 6-axis gyro WK



The walkera genius cp is discontiuned, the new version is genius cp v2, it's 6 axis and has the telemetry function.

The walkera factory has stopped producing this wk series genius cp, but we have the other  devention version walkera genius cp for $109 free shipping.

New! Walkera MiNi CP - World's Smallest 3D Helicopter, Even Smaller than the Genius.

We now offer the Walkera Genius CP brushless upgrade kits, to make it brushless!!

Or you can just take the Walkera CP Brushless Edition.

At the arriving of Christmans and New Year, we now offer the Walkera Genius CP with DEVO 7  for $166!



1).Ultra micro 3D flybarless helicopter,weight up 35g.
2).First inner 6-Axis gyro micro 3D flybarless helicopter.
3).Adopting composite material.100% increasing the toughness.
4).Stonge power and extrem stable.


1). Main Rotor Diameter: 240mm
2). Tail Rotor Diameter: 45 mm
3). Overall Length: 220mm
4). Weight: 35g
5)Servo: wk-02-3
6). GYRO: 6-axis
7). Battery: 3.7V 200mAh Li-Po
8).Transmitter: can work with wk2801,wk2603. Not inlcuded
9).Receiver: RX2625 (Special for walkera transmitter)
10).Main Brushed Motor:0820R
11).Tail Brushed Motor:0615R
12).Servo: WK-02-4



A branded Mini 3D helicopter with world's first 6-Axis Gyro - Walkera Genius CP
When we talk about Walkera, they made excellent micro size helicopters, they tend to scale down the Big helis into Micro helis, for this we see the up side, that the structure is following the excellent design from the large models, but sometimes the factory workers just can't keep up with the micro craftsmanship, so you may get inconsistent parts and performance. Some times ago, other factory created a palm size Collective Pitch 3D Helicopter made with super light plastic body, although that look a bit flimsy, but it was fantastic! Walkera saw this and follow the same foot step, they adapted years of experience in the filed of micro helicopter in creating this new Genius CP, the design is totally different form the old Walkera models, we would say it looks a toy heli, but it actually performs better than other models, it flies 3D aerobatic very well! The best part is the elastic and super light weight body, although everything on the heli is plastic, but hey, it is super durable! We also notice the Cyclic Servos, the Main Motor and Tail Motor, Thick Tooth Main Gear, the 6-Axis Gyro, the Devo 6 Transmitter and even the wires are new one that we've never seen before on other Walkera helis, it looks just like a Nine Eagles or Eflite helicopter! We would recommend that you forget about it's a Walkera, because it does not act like one inside out, the Genius CP will give you a brand new 3D experience.

The Walkera factory adopted a new team of  engineers in developing of the Genius CP, and has led a  totally new direction.

Very Simple Layout
Everything needed on a 3D helicopter, it's there, no more, no less

Flybarless Rotor Head

Combining the the 6-Axis Gyro, suitable for both beginners and 3D experts.
Flybarless means less moving parts. That saves energy and allows you to fly 20 to 30 percent longer. Also, less parts mean less repairing. Flybarless is the future of RC helicopters!


Stocked 2g digital servo, greatly improved the performance of this Genius CP. Light weight, small volume, high precision and fast responding speed makes this servo be top one in performance. And it is also the smallest servo digital servo in the world


Elastic Body-Plastic is just as good
When comes to micro parts, plastic sometimes have better precision in mass production, and the light weight elastic material can absorb the damage in a crash, while metal could have bent!

Multi-functional receiver adopts newest 6-axis gyro technology, integrated with Walkera`s latest flybarless control system, greatly guarantee the stabilization and highly decrease the flying stress for pilots.

Not a ordinary Walkera Heli-World's First 6-Axis Gyro on a RC heli

Walkera put a new 6-Axis sensor on the circuit broad, plus the latest calculation, the Genius CP is amazingly stable!
All electronics and layout are first seen on Walkera helis. 3-axis and 6-axis gyro, flybarless balance control system and amend the stable flight status atomatically.

Not just "Look" like a big heli, but flies like one too
The 6-Axis Gyro has built-in accelerometer, not just detect all angle movement, also in vertical, lateral, and longitudinal, which makes the Genius CP most stable heli ever!

Package includes:
1).Genius CP 2.4G 6CH Helicopter
2).3.7V 200mAh Lipo Battery*2
3).Battery Charger
4).Tool Kit
5).Extra Main Blade
6).Extra Tail Blade
7).User Handbook

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Reason to choose OOMODEL

OOMODEL is the agent of Walkera Helicopters and parts in China.

OOMODEL Tests and Calibrates Every Single Helicopter Before Shipping!

Do you know how important is it? Trust me, it is VERY IMPORTANT!
Many online sellers don't do the testing nor calibrating their products at all because it requires experienced rc pilots and it is very time consuming .OOMODEL team test & calibrate every single helicopter, Battery and Battery Charger to ensure everything is in perfect condition!

OOMODEL Sends You the Correct Power Adapter and Frequency!

There are too many types of power adapters in the world. For example, the power adapter for UK cannot be used in USA. We know the standard of your country and we will send you the correct one. The frequency is different for different countries as well. If you have no idea on what frequency should be used for your country, we will send you the correct one.

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  • Manufactured by: Walkera

Customer Reviews:

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by walter pecorari
Date Added: 10/04/2012
The new walkera models really change the opinion that I had about this Brand. I already bought the genius CP with a Devo 7 and it works great, exceeded my expectative. Is a very reliable model, made of very strong materials. The only con that I had found is that if you broke the landing skid you have to change the whole frame because is just one piece. If you have the chance to buy it brushless go for it, is a complete different model ! The devo 7 is fine, is a little confuse to program but with patience you can make it work as you want. Unfortunately walkera does give poor information on their manuals but you can find this lack of info on the web searching in different forums. Bottom line: genius cp + devo 7 is the best combo if you have a tight budget

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]

by sai ed
Date Added: 09/17/2012
i have this walkera genius cp for quite an while now, i ordered it to work with my 2801pro, there was a problem they don't produce wk version anymore, but i read in the forum there will be a tool that will make wk series radios work with devention transmitter, that's a great news. Their parts are compatible at least, this is a good thing.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)


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