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Walkera V100D08 Mini 3D RC heli with DEVO 6 Transmitter






DEVO-6 adopts 2.4GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology, features automatic ID binding, automatic ID assignment, and also features CUSTOMIZED fixed ID setup. You can enjoy a fashionable computer radio at hand with easily use by touch , and it looks nice and neat. The usage of wireless copy function keeps you away from the trouble in wire link-up. Most important, the USB Online update technology ensures you have powerful programmes for your radio and much more information far from the manufactory quite conveniently at home. The micro CP V100D08 packed with DEVO 6 experienced an excellent cyclic. Because of the digital trim, you can control the flying status very precisely. And it’s a very best helicopter to practise 3D aerobatics in your yard or indoor. Just enjoy it , you can find the difference !


1). Main Rotor Diameter: 238 mm
2). Tail Rotor Diameter: 58 mm
3). Overall Length: 235mm
4). All-up Weight: 63g (Battery included)
5). Battery: 3.7V 350mAh Li-Po
6). Mian Motor: 1225FC
7). Tail Motor: 0716R
8). GYRO: 3-axis
9). Servo: wk-02-1

vertical fixed tail motor which is easy, safe and impressive.

Flybarless rotor head.The metal balls on the swashplate & blade grips adopts new artwork, which is nice and more strengther, and the metal cross screws in good quality helps each link tight, which avoid the link joint loose or main rotor blade without control.

with 3 individual digital servos. the servos with swift action and big torque, weights less than 3g. It is assembled on the heli with snap, 6pcs screws less in application, easy to repair and replace.

Excellent 3-axis gyro and receiving system ( all in one receiver)+Strong Magnet Brushed Motor


1). The design of micro size collective pitch flybarless head characterizes low power loss and gain twice efficiency improvement.
2). Adopts Three-axis gyro, working with revised flybarless system,provides steady flight and excellent head locking function.
3). Adopts the latest flybarless control system, it can do many professional 3D maneuvers like tic-tocs, piro-flipping, flips, loops, fly inverted, land on the ceiling and so on.
4). With the light structure design,the 350mAh lipo battery can offer 6-7minutes flying time after fully charged.

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Walkera V100D08 RC heli ( WK Series)


Walkera V100D08 RC heli ( Devo Series)

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  • Manufactured by: Walkera

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