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Walkera V120D02S Flybarless Helicopter with DEVO 7 Transmitter



There also a 6 axis upgraded v120d02s, that's walkera new v120d02s .

walekra v120d02s devo 7 Review

The feeling of control is quite different to 180D, if you flied this before. 180 is like a tractor while 120d02s is like a sports car! For which is quite, zippy and response with high agility. Of course walekra v120d02s devo 7 is very stable to hover as if video show. But if you really want to do 3D with walekra v120d02s devo 7, it’s possible but the heavy tail make it little bit imperfect.In forward flight, the heavy tail also leads to pitch up, seems have to adjust the center of gravity.

Some said left turn is smooth, but right turn need more maneuvre, meanwhile you may feel the gyro fighting with you. But this will be better with proper trimming and adjustment. Some mods of replacing with Rx 2622V and servo arms will make it fly perfectly beautiful.

walekra v120d02s devo 7 Features

1). Durable and strong utility professional Micro 3D helicopter.
2).Power system: outrunner brushless motor ensures the safety of power and offers smart control feeling.
3).The usage of flybarless balance electronic system can automatically amend the flight status and is of the similar stability of flybar system, but of much agiler 3D performance.
4). Using unique compound material technology,increase the toughness 100%

walekra v120d02s devo 7 Specification

1). Main Rotor Diameter: 302 mm
2). Tail Rotor Diameter: 85 mm
3). Overall Length: 290 mm
4). All-up Weight: 80g (Battery included)
5). Battery: 3.7V 600mAh Li-Po 20C
6). ESC: WK-WST-20A
7). Brushless Motor: WK-WST-15-001
8). Receiver: RX-2622V/D
9). Transmitter: Walkera DEVO7  Transmitter

walekra v120d02s devo 7 Main blades---Using unique compound material technology,increase the toughness 100%.light weight promoted the performance a lot;bright and shinny surface,Applying for the silk screen printing artwork on the surface,make the font and graphic more vividly.

walekra v120d02s devo 7 Canopy- PVC film vacuum-Thermoform artwork in production makes a tenacious canopy with even surface and streamline outlook. Red and white color alternated with black color, makes it a pleasant looking. Although it’s very in size, it’s tough and with good anticrash ability.

walekra v120d02s devo 7 Gear--upgrade new main gear and small gear set from larger the tooth,Applying for new intergrating engineering plastic is to reduce the friction,to further strenthen the resistence,which greatly improved its durability.

walekra v120d02s devo 7 Shaft driven----besides the shaft driven feature of high efficiency, the square-shaped carbon fiber tail boom ,not only fixed the horizontal angle but also leave perfect space for the shaft driven structure, manifested the design equisition.

walekra v120d02s devo 7 Stabilizer--brand new hardened body, carbon fiber tail stablizer, plus delicate processing and metalic joints ,showed the V120D02S professional 3D helicopter.

walekra v120d02s devo 7 Skid landing---Adopting the newest engineering plastic material,promoted the skid landing elasticality ,strenthened its durability .Intergrated battery holder and skid landing mold artwork give good consideration to skids intensity,space,and balance.slightly leaning forward stabilizer is in pleasure of sense stable.

walekra v120d02s devo 7 Servo---micro 3g servo ,have been applying in WALKERA classic helicopter like 4G3,4G6, and flybarless 120 size series models, wide applicability,good quality,stable performance, smart body with prompt response, big torque,the maintenance is simple and convinience.

walekra v120d02s devo 7 Motor-----upgrade from inner brushless motor to the outrunner brushless motor (WK-WS-15-001) 12000KV, the weight is barely over 8.8g, makes the speed much higher and light weight, loading tempreature is quite lower ensure a excellent performance.The strong power provide the profesional Hurricanes,loops,funnels,rolls and inverted flight performaned with great enthusiatic.

walekra v120d02s devo 7 Flybarless control system---upgrade Receiver 2622V is not only a integration of the receiver and FBL system,but also a comprehensive optimized program ,which made the performance of hurricanes,loops,funnels,rolls and inverted flight relaxed,comfortable and smoothly.

The perfect artwork makes the profesional micro 3D helicopter--- V120D02S more brilliant and make your heart with great joy.

Package includes:

1).walekra v120d02s devo 7 helicopter
2).3.7V 600mAh Lipo Battery
3).Battery Charger
4).Tool Kit
5).Extra Main Blade

7).User Handbook
8) DEVO7 Transmitter

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