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Walkera V450D01 Flybarless RC Helicopter W/O Transmitter


Overall Review

The new Walkera V450D01 is an awesome looking helicopter, and I'm sure that many of you will agree. The quality is outstanding, and I'm confident that this 450 size electric helicopter will be another Walkera success story.


Technical and Designing Review


If you are looking for a well-designed 3D R/C helicopter, the new Flybarless Walkera V450D01 with 3-Axis-Gyro System is the one for you. Only the best materials are used in construction, and the electronics are great. The two carbon fiber main rotor blades are balanced perfectly at the factory, so no need to worry about out of balanced rotor blades. The rotor head assembly is all metal, accept for the stabilizer holder arms that are plastic. Seven ball bearings in the metal rotor head ensures for precise and smooth movement with cyclic inputs from the servos.

The main frame consist out of four carbon fiber side plates, two metal main shaft bearing blocks, metal tail gear bearing block and metal motor mount. This setup gives the Walkera V450D01 a sturdy frame that will cope with any 3D flying. The brushless Walkera WK-SW-26-001 motor drives a plastic main gear with a fourteen tooth metal pinion gear that gives the Walkera V450D01 plenty of power during 3D flight. A 40A WK-WST-4-A2 brushless speed controller is mounted just below the main gear that allows for sufficient airflow for cooling during flight. Three analogue servos control the cyclic (elevator, aileron, pitch), while a digital servo is used for the tail.

The three axis flybarless gyro system is incorporated into the 2.4Ghz RX-2702V Walkera receiver. Varies gyro adjustments can be made on the receiver to suite your flying skills. Two rubber bands prevent the 11.1V 2200mAh Li-Po battery from moving on the battery tray during flight. I personally would have preferred a hook and loop Velcro strap. The landing skids are strong, and four rubber grommets protects the aluminum skids from scratching.

An all metal tail rotor assembly with five ball bearings ads to the quality of this helicopter, and is belt driven. The tail fins are carbon fiber, and is secured with screws onto aluminum mounting blocks. Two carbon fiber tail boom struts ensures for a strong rigid tail to cope with the pirouette forces during flight. A colourful red and black plastic canopy rounds the Walkera V450D01 off to a good-looking 450-size helicopter. It is evident that Walkera gave this helicopter a lot of thought while designing it. Great stuff...

Included in the Walkera V450D01 Ready To Fly Kit


• V450D01 Flybarless helicopter
• WK-2801PRO transmitter(not inlcuded)
• Li-Po Battery Charger
• 11.1V 2200mAh Li-Po Battery
• Instruction manual

 Walkera V450D01 Specification


• Main Rotor Diameter : 731mm
• Tail Rotor Diameter : 150mm
• Overall Length : 670mm
• All-up weight : 748g(Battery included)
• Transmitter : WK-2801PRO
• Receiver : RX-2702V
• Brushless speed controller : WK-WST-40A-2
• Gyro : Built-in
• Battery : WK-2801PRO Transmitter
• Brushless motor : WK-SW-26-001
• Servo : WK-09-8 / weight 13.8g / speed 0.12sec/60Ao (4.8V) / torque 1.6kg/cm(4.8V)
• Tail servo : WK-2601H / weight 24.5g / speed 0.08sec/60Ao (4.8V) / torque


Flying the Walkera V450D01


With my first flight, I found the elevator and aileron too sensitive, although the helicopter was hovering very sable with the supplied settings. To rectify that, I added 50% duel rates to both the elevator and aileron with -15% exponential. With those settings, the helicopter is very stable and controllable in the hover and forward flight. The tail is solid without any signs of tail wagging. I have to say that the tail gyro works great. Tail movements are crisp, and pirouette speed can be adjusted with gyro sensitivity adjustments on the receiver.

The elevator and aileron gyros works great, and gives the Walkera V450D01 outstanding stability. The flybarless system works flawless in normal and 3D flight. Basic 3D maneuvers like loops and roll are executed with ease with plenty more power for advanced maneuvers. The Walkera V450D01 will fly about nine minutes with the 11.1V 2200mAh Li-Po Battery depending on the type of flying done. I have set my timer on the transmitter to eight minutes that gives me about one minute reserve.

This helicopter flies great in normal and 3D flight. I'm sure that the Walkera V450D01 will establish itself as a great, fun and inexpensive 450-size helicopter to fly. Well-done Walkera...



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  • Manufactured by: Walkera

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